Indian bird cushions by Anjali Hood
abstract designs by George Papadopoulos

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At Keir Townsend we like to think about all kinds of interiors and not just our own residential space; wouldn't it be wonderful if we could improve all of the environments we move through each day from shops and offices

to public transport and even our own cars? So we're absolutely thrilled to find that Culti - known for their high-quality room fragrances - have brought out an innovative range of car fragrances designed specially for



Available in 3 very different scents - Energia, Equilibrio and Emozione - the smartly covered sachets attach easily to your car ventilator with a magnet and effectively freshen up the stalest of air. To relax you on your journey, Equilibrio is a mix of sencha tea, bergamot and woody notes whilst Energia is ideal for envigorating even the weariest of travellers with its scent of ocean breeze, sap and musk.


A romantic evening drive will be enhanced by Emozione, a blend of cassis leaves and white musk. We're sure that our clients will love Culti's car fragrances as much as the room fragrances and we're stocking all 3 scents.

Born in Morocco in 1969, Ghizlan spent much of her childhood in the studio of her father, the renowned artist Hassan El Glaoui. Posing for his portraits, she became his muse – a development which could explain her later fascination with faces. These inspirational surroundings from her childhood, combined with the rich colours of her father’s work, have influenced her distinctive painting style.


In Ghizlan's unique art, modern and classic styles meet in a vibrant testimony to her Berber and European education. She uses vivid colours mixing warm and cold light within her artworks to capture the essence of each individual subject.  For the transparency which is crucial to her work, she uses modern metallic paint whilst the contrasting opacity and texture is achieved by using oils and traditional temperas.  Ghizlan also creates some stunning illuminated outlne drawings on glass.


Following her quest to find the best light to give new dimension to her portraits Ghizlan works with a lighting designer to illuminate the pictures from behind.


“My wish is to find the ideal lighting to enhance the portrait, in order to achieve an ever-changing image”


Ghizlan El Glaoui


Ghizlan’s work will be available from Keir Townsend showroom on an ongoing basis.  Prices range from £300
to £10,000.



"Ghizlan's paintings have truly brought sunshine into our showroom space.  Bright, complex and unique colour schemes put together in a simultaneously naive and graceful way that only a Moroccan artist could do, bring back the happiest memories of my childhood in North Africa - the place that continues to be a source of great inspiration for my work. I would describe her style as a mix of Modigliani with Byzantine mosaics and  a slight hint of pop art humour sprinkled on top. I think hers is the kind of art that would complement any type of interiors - residential or commercial. Her art lifts up the mood and I want to smile every time I look at her paintings."


Keira Townsend

Cushions add style and warmth to interiors and are perfect accessories when the weather is at its coldest. A new addition to the Keir Townsend showroom is an imaginative range of Indian bird cushions from designer Anjali Hood, capturing their distinct and varied plumages in luxurious silk velvet.


If there's one thing Anjali is expert on it's velvet. 'My grandfather imported the first machines to make velvet in India,' she explains. 'Velvet is a material I know about intimately, that I love.' Her unique British-made cushions use silk velvet very creatively indeed to express the opulence of the bird pelts and the unique patterns of tail feathers and other characteristic features.


Each of the cushions has a duck feather pad, invisible zip and is lined with pure silk twill. Anjali's attractive logo is punched into the reverse side. On display in the Keir Townsend showroom is the delicious looking Red Avadavat, 55 x 35cm (£95) as well as some striking monochrome patterned cushions, based on the Amur Falcon, 60cm x 60cm, for £150, but orders can be placed in colours that pick up on the hues of any decor.


There's the blue, greens and purples of the Himalayan Monal, the bejewelled beauty of Tickell's Blue Flycatcher or the rich brown and cream of the Great Frigate. Indian birds certainly offer a wide range of colour and pattern that makes these cushions very special and will add beauty to any interior.

How an interior smells should be given as much thought as how it looks. This is particularly true at Christmas when thoughts turn to getting together with friends and providing cosy cheer when it’s cold outside. For the festive season what could be more atmospheric than a heady blend of vanilla, cinnamon, orange, cloves and amber? For this reason we absolutely love the Arambra fragrance, the new scent from Italian artisans Culti who are justly famous for their exceptionally high-quality room fragrances.


As well as giving rooms the most delicious warm and wintery seasonal smell, the Culti 12 range, which features the new fragrance Arambra, is stylishly presented with shiny semi-transparent coated diffuser bottles and candle containers adorned with manganese-coloured, solid-ash caps and lids. The gold fabric chosen for the scented sachets is also in keeping with the rich overtones of this glorious scent.


At our Keir Townsend showroom, we will be displaying the 500ml diffusers, 100ml room sprays, sets of room sachets and candles that give 72 hours of burning time. Come visit us soon and let your senses be reinvigorated!

Whether it’s a clever contemporary take on a church icon or a stunning abstract design, George Papadopoulos’s artworks are breathtakingly beautiful as well as fabulously festive for this time of year, glowing as if lit from within.


His unique technique combines translucent and opaque, clear with colour, reflective with mat, old with new, delicate with firm, irregular organic shapes with strong geometric lines and high aesthetic values with modern technology.Unlike most artists working in glass, Papadopoulos is more interested in breaking glass than cooling molten glass into recognisable forms.


As a student – much to the amazement of his Royal College of Art tutors – he experimented radically with kiln forming and developed a technique where he broke the inner layers of laminated glass into intriguing patterns. This shattered glass recalled such phenomena as broken ice or the movement of water.


Years later, he is still breaking glass and putting it back together again except that today enthusiasts are queuing up to buy the results of his experimentation. His fans are continually asking him what the process is called; is it a modern version of stained glass they enquire. He insists it isn’t that. What he does tell them is that he can create something magical and truly original.


For the next few weeks, we’re delighted to be showcasing some of George Papadopoulos’s highly collectable Madonnas. ‘Working with Keir Townsend Interiors has proved to be a very successful collaboration where we bring modern icons into contemporary settings,’ says Papadopoulos. His exquisite pieces will be on display until February 2013, so please do visit and view his work soon.

Accessorise your car with Culti's scented Sachets

Illuminated paintings by Ghizlan El Glaoui

Beautiful Bird Cushions

The scent of Christmas - Culti

Glass art adds festive feel to Showroom

Culti Scented Sachets
Culti Scented Sachet on a dashboard
Culti Room Fragrances
Illuminated painting by Ghizlan El Glaoui
Illuminated painting by Ghizlan El Glaoui





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